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Belwith Keeler/Hickory Hardware

    The New Hickory Hardware

In the Spring of 2006, five FKI Hardware companies have come together to form Hickory Hardware. The fine products and service customers of Belwith, Faultless Caster, Keeler, Madico and Wright Products have come to expect will remain unchanged in the short term. The future, however will bring many exciting changes.

Design and Manufacturing Excellence

Old-world craftsmanship is combined with highly-controlled manufacturing practices and design technologies to offer customers the most beautiful decorative hardware in the world.Manufacturing techniques

Hickory Hardware's cabinet hardware is crafted using four distinctive metal shaping and manufacturing techniques. The choice of technique depends on the final dimension and intricacy of ornamentation.

Die-cast and forged techniques are most commonly used for knobs, backplate and bail production in order to allow the most complex and intricate designs. Die-casting is a process in which molten metal is poured into the cavity of a die or mold to create parts. The end result is a product with excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy. A forged product is created by pressing malleable metal into a shape or die to create its final geometry.

A cookie-cutting-type process called stamping uses a die to press shapes from a flat sheet of metal. This technique offers cutouts with limited shapes and forms and is suitable for the manufacture of flat back plates or hinges with simple raised edge designs.

Some Hickory Hardware fixtures are made on a spinning rod with a programmed tool to cut shapes suitable for knobs, back plates and some pulls. This method, known as turning, is the technique used for the most ornate designs, and is usually reserved for solid brass applications

At Hickory Hardware, finish is as important as the shape of the product. Hickory Hardware offers a wide variety of textures and finishes to suit every decor. Please visit our Textures & Finishes section for more details.

Our Commitment

Our hardware is designed with an authenticity and quality you can see and feel. Our designs are crafted with a pain-staking attention to detail. Within these era-based details (also known as Grammer of Ornament) decorative elements are sculpted into our collections. To bring you the best, we rely on our two unwavering principles: classic inspiration and innovative design.

Classic Inspiration

Drawing on the decorative forms of European and American architecture, as well as indigenous cultural and regional elements, from antiquity to the 20th Century Arts and Crafts movement, our inspiration is derived from the best of classical and modern design movements.

Innovative Design

We offer the industry's only complete design center, with a full staff of artists and modelers who create every style, from traditional and contemporary to eclectic and country. That makes us uniquely qualified to provide design solutions for cabinets to complement any furniture style.

Product Excellence

Modeled, cast, detailed, and finished by hand, Belwith-Keeler offers the most valuable, durable and decorative cabinet hardware in the industry.

Source: www.belwith-keeler.com     www.hickoryhardware.com