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Kimball & Young, Inc. Vanity And Wall Mirrors

Kimball & Young's selection of over 175 quality magnification Mirrors. Kimball & Young specializes in quality metal constructed glass lens magnification mirrors. Quality plastic frame magnification mirrors are also available. Our assortment includes a wide selection of mirrors for the Wall, the Vanity, and for Home & Travel.


Kimball & Young is America's largest importer of magnification mirror products. Distortion-free magnifications from 2X to 12X are offered, in a variety of frames in a variety of finishes.

We are pleased to be the first to offer Perfect Vision™ Optic Lens 8X Magnification Mirrors.

Kimball & Young brands include Mirror Image™, and First Impressions™, Closer View offering 12X compacts, and Kimball & Young brand mirrors offering Perfect Vision™ Optic Lens mirrors as well as hardwired mirrors.




Product Warranty and Information

 Kimball & Young Mirrors are warranted free from defects in material and workmanship. All metal finishes and reflective materials are fully warranted for three years.

The life of the finish will be best cared for, especially in areas of high heat and moisture, by keeping all surfaces clean and dry. Cleaning should be done with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft polishing cloth.

The warranty does not cover damages resulting from an accident after purchase, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care, or loss of parts. Claims for damage occurring during shipment should be made to the freight carrier. For lighted mirrors, this warranty does not cover the original light bulb beyond the "normal" lifetime of the bulb, or replacement bulbs.


How does a mirror magnify?

Magnification in traditional "bent-glass" mirrors is a product of the curvature of the bend and the diameter of the glass. Greater curvature produces greater magnification. As the curvature increases, the possibility of distortion increases, especially as the diameter of the glass also increases. Generally speaking, it is for this reason that most larger diameter mirrors have less magnification than the smaller diameter styles.

Perfect Vision, Mirror Image, First Impressions

An option to this "bent-glass" magnification is the Perfect Vision Optic Lens magnification. As described on this site, this lens is flat on the viewing surface, with a curved rear coated surface. This lens offers distortion-free, 8X magnification, with unlimited focal points. Everyone is able to find their unique focal point, regardless of whether they wear eyeglasses or contacts to see.

Why don't all mirrors have this Optic Lens?

Perfect Vision Optic LensNot everyone needs an optic lens. They can see clearly in most standard, "bent-glass" mirrors. Also, the cost to produce this lens makes the product relatively more expensive than the more common types of magnification mirror lenses.

Do I have to worry about the metal frames pitting or tarnishing?

Our Kimball & Young metal-framed mirrors go through a 4-step process to prevent pitting and tarnishing.
Step 1 cleans the metal in a neutralizing water bath.
Step 2 treats the metal in a pre-plating nickel bath.
Step 3 uses an acid-bath plating method to apply the chrome, gold, or nickel plating.
Step 4 finishes the process with an application of an anti-tarnishing lacquer coating.